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According to a survey by one of Britain's leading household and commercial property insurers' eagle star, it is estimated that Scotland is one of the most likely countries in Europe where you will be a victim of a robbery.

For businesses and households alike a strong door is essential to stopping burglary of course with other security such as alarms etc. Importantly is best advised to avoid cheap imports which though obviously likely to offer a saving in the short term will cost more if they fail to protect against an attack.

How we can help?

With one of the largest ranges of bespoke steel doors in the UK we can provide a customised package which will best serve your purposes. We supply high quality equipment at trade prices to both commercial and domestic customers.

Established in 1995, we initially operated locally through the Midlands however we have now developed a comprehensive delivery network allowing us to supply equipment to both Scotland and its Highlands.

With a wealth of experience accrued over the past twenty years of trading our security advisors are available to help with the push of a button or phone call.

Bespoke Doors

Each order we supply is custom made in Britain to your specific specification that you require. So if you have a particular lock which you want fitted if you send us details we can generally include it within our doorsets.

The only limitations are products which have been certified to LPS 1175 or fire rated. Due to the stringent testing which they have to go through to meet the relevant standard, they can only be supplied with what they've already been tested with.

Extended Warranties

With Scotlands harsh weather we do supply doors which are perfect for the task and come with extended warranties. These doors are manufactured from Magnelis Corrosion resistant steel. This has proven to be far more durable than previous galvanised methods used.

Therefore we can now offer 10 year anti corrosion, 5 year paint and hardware warranties for doors supplied in Magnelis. Please ask a member of staff if you wish to be supplied with this option instead of the typical Zintec.

Free Quotation

With a wealth of experience and products it begs the question why you'd ever go anywhere else for your steel doors to Scotland?

Please get in touch with us today for a free no obligation quotation. Either call us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email with your enquiry to