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Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is central to tourism, financial and higher education institutes. The city in fact is second only to London as the biggest financial centre in the UK with RBS headquarters based there and continues to expand. With business parks popping up on the outskirts it's predicted that it'll continue to see significant growth in the future.

It's no wonder tourism enjoys such importance when you take a wander around its streets and witness the rich history that's on offer. In all it's estimated that this industry supports 30,000 jobs adding significant value to the economy.

As one of the most prosperous cities in the UK its little surprise that Edinburgh ranks as one of the safest ones also. Not that this makes it immune to petty theft with a steel door being one of the most effective methods to secure your business.

We deliver a wide range of bespoke doors to Edinburgh as well as surrounding areas including fire, security, louvre and LPS 1175 independently tested doors.

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